Sunday, 10 April 2016

Difference between Oracle SQL Query vs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or Sybase

Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are two of the most popular database but they are very different with each other and if you are migrating SQL queries or database, tables from Oracle 11g database to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 then you are bound to face some issues. Main reason of these porting issues are features which are supported and exists in Oracle database, but not available in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 like SEQUENCE, Order by clause in subqueries, and derived tables, derived table without name etc. I am sure there are few more and it will surface based upon different database objects you are using in your tables and queries. On another hand SQL engine for SQL Server and Sybase are very much similar, at least syntactically, and if you are migrating queries from SQL Server to Sybase you can do that without much hassle, of course, there will be slight changes but not as much like Oracle.
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